Taylor T3/B Semi-Hollow 2018

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The answer is Yes. Yes, Taylor makes electric guitars. And they are sweet!

This T3/B is a stunning semi-hollow in Pacific Blue that is crafted from sapele with a maple top. Damn, let's talk about the neck on this thing: comfy and fast C profile (.825"-.857") with an ebony fingerboard that plays like you wouldn't believe. It has a roomy 14" radius (1.697" nut). This is very loud and resonant guitar when you strummed unplugged but..

That ain't how you play an electric! All that tonefulness and resonance gets piped through a pair of Taylor's vintage voiced humbuckers (N: 6.41k, B: 8.10k). But there are more than bucker tones to be had. The Volume pot is a push/pull that gives you coil tapping for whichever pickup is selected. The Tone pot is also push/pull that changes the cap giving you a dark sound as the Tone is rolled off. Pushed in, the tone roll-off retains a midsy, honkier sound. 

A Bigsby trem rounds out the legit features this guitar has. This is a players dream: so many tones, so little time. The badass luthiers here at EMS have given this guy a full setup to insure that it ships to you with level frets, spot-on intonation, and zero issues. It is incredibly clean and lightly used (light surface-level pick scratches in the clear coat on the top). A stunning instrument to behold and to play. It will ship out to you lightning fast the next day with the included hardshell case.