Third Man Hardware / MXR Double Down Pedal

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MXR and Third Man Hardware have teamed up to create the perfect booster for gigging guitar players. The Double Down Pedal combines two separate MXR Micro Amp circuits into a single box so that you can heat up two separate signal chains with just the right amount of classic Micro Amp bump.
The Double Down Pedal’s single input jack splits your signal to two separate outputs, each with its own Gain control for up to +26dB of signal-boosting power. On the left side of the housing is a Phase switch that adds a pronounced stereophonic effect by inverting the phase of the second output signal. On the right side of the pedal is a Buffer switch so that you can choose between true bypass—for the purists—and buffered bypass switching to keep your sound intact when driving two signal chains. 
Plug into the Double Down Pedal from MXR and Third Man Hardware, and double boost your double stack. 

1 PHASE switch selects stereophonic effect (yellow LED indicates on)
2 GAIN 1 knob sets output level of OUT 1 signal
3 GAIN 2 knob sets output level of OUT 2 signal
4 BUFFER switch selects true/buffered bypass (yellow LED indicates buffered bypass)
5 FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass (yellow LED indicates on)
 Limited Edition comes with guitar pick tin of 10. Available for a limited time ONLY
The technical specs are as follows:
Input Impedance: 
    Buffer OFF   > 450 kΩ
   Buffer ON   > 700 kΩ
Output Impedance:    < 1 kΩ
Bypass:   Buffered/True Bypass
Current Draw:  11 mA
Power Supply:   9 volts DC"