ThorpyFX Tacit Blue Fuzz

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The Tacit Blue is part of our “Vintage Reimagined” series and is a germanium Fuzz pedal that plays nicely with your pedalboard. The Tacit Blue Fuzz sound is based on a highly modified fuzz face type circuit for a more versatile vintage style sound. This fuzz can give a subtle hair to notes or get crazily thick depending on your preference. However, this pedal can be used as a nice and thick lower gain overdrive which adds huge character to your driven sound.

 Each Tacit Blue offers the following features:

  • Four knobs to control Smooth, Fuzz, Volume and Bias.
  • Transformer -  Internally there is a small transformer to simulate the optimum pickup being present at the front end of the circuit. This has several benefits, most important of which it allows you to place your fuzz wherever you like in the chain of pedals. I still recommend you place it as early in the chain as possible, but if you want to be an anarchist and place it at the end… you can.
  • Internal Trimpot: In 99.9% of cases this is there for manufacture use only, FYI I like to set my fuzz faces slightly asymmetrically so that one half of the cycle has more headroom than the other, this adds character and interest to the fuzz.

  • A beautiful laser cut black anodised aluminium enclosure wrapped in a rainbow sparkle blue base.

  • Engineered to be robust but functional with recessed knobs, sloped front and top mounted jacks.
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

    Internally the pedal is immaculately built using premium 1% metalfilm resistors, WIMA and Panasonic capacitors, and a NOS Germanium Transistor all hand soldered to a robust through hole PCB.

    The premium sound is enhanced through the use of premium components all wrapped in a beautiful custom engineered enclosure.