Tone King Galaxy with IronMan Attenuator

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Tone King makes some of the best sounding, unique boutique amps out there. And they've got that sweet art deco aesthetic on lock!

Tone King's Galaxy is a 60W tone beast that serves up vintage tone and feel. Its 4x6L6GC output stage (cathode biased) is tweaked and voiced for chime, warmth, and a spongy, swampy, organic feel like no other. It is designed with an ultra-pure signal path that squeezes every last drop of tone out of its tubes. This one is paired up with the lovely matching 2x12 cab that's loaded up with Tone King's amazing IronMan attenuator to cut the volume when you need it but maintain all the tube goodness. Use the IronMan to crank those tubes for amazing tone without destroying the eardrums of your audience. 

This amp and cab pair are lightly used and show only mild signs of love and use. It's read for stage or studio the moment it reaches your door.