Totally Wycked Audio Wahxidizer

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Inspired by the vintage Univox Super Fuzz, the TWA WX-01 Wahxidizer™ captures the iconic, demonic tones of that legendary blue and orange monster while simultaneously reinventing its user interface and control capabilities.

All of the crazy, crunchy, cacophonous octave-fuzz tones of the Univox have been replicated with pinpoint accuracy.
The Fat/Scoop, global EQ switch from the Super Fuzz has been moved to a footswitch, allowing the user to access two completely different fuzz tones on the fly.
For additional tone tweaking, a Parametric EQ circuit has been added to allow for everything from precision fine-tuning to dramatic decomposition of the pedal’s EQ curve. 

SUBSTRATE (Level) – Controls output level of effect. Turn CW for more louder.
COMBUSTION (Drive) – Controls the amount of saturation for the Fuzz Effect. Turn clockwise for more dirt/gain/sustain/pain.
ATOM-TRANSFER REAGENT (Frequency) – Adjusts the frequency of the Parametric EQ from low (CCW) to high (CW).
REDOX POTENTIAL HIGH/LOW – Selects between two overall sensitivity settings for the envelope detection circuit to accommodate low and high signal levels.
REDOX POTENTIAL (Threshold) – Adjusts the Threshold setting where the input signal will trigger the envelope detection circuit. Turning CW makes it easier to open the filter.
MEAN BURNING TIME (Speed) – Adjusts the timing for envelope circuit to reach the peak of the filter range. Turn CW for a longer time to reach the filter peak.
ELECTRON TRANSFER REACTION (-/+) – Adjusts the amount of Cut (CCW) or Boost (CW) to the frequency selected by ATOM TRANSFER REAGENT.
ACCELERANT OFF/ON – Turns on envelope-detection circuit
ACCEPTOR/DONOR – Selects between Fat or Scoop Global EQ settings. Fat is full frequency response, while Scoop cuts the midrange.
WAHX ON/OFF – Engages/Disengages the effect.
EXP – Connect external expression pedal or TWA Side Step here to control Frequency of EQ.
LOW/HIGH GAIN – Internal mini switch selects between high or higher gain operation.

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