Traynor YBA-1 Bass Master 50w Amp Head

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A sweet 70s era tube amp without totally breaking the bank? Yes, it exists, right before your very eyes. This Traynor Bass-Master wields 50 watts of badass vintage bass tone, right down to the original massive transformers.

Two channels, two inputs each. The first having lower gain, the second having more clarity and power--an excellent option for lead guitar tones. That's right, this rippin' head ain't just for bassists. Both of the lower inputs on each channel possess extra sensitivity for more driving capability. Experimentation with channel jumping strongly encouraged. The Range Expander controls offer even more tonal variation by adjusting the level boost of the two mid-range frequency bands. It has an output of 8 ohms and operates using 12AX7s, EL34s, and ECC83s.

The bias and cathode capacitors have been replaced, but the filter caps are original. The volume pots have also been replaced. Given the age of this monster, it is in pretty good shape and has obviously been taken care of, with the exception of some wear on the tolex covering the top of the amp. A couple gut shots are also included in the photos if you're curious about the innards. 

This amp has been thoroughly looked over by our brilliant amp tech here at EMS, and it'll ship safely and securely so it's ready for stage or studio upon arrival. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this amplifier.