Verellen Coop 50w Amp Head

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Verellen has created some of the richest, most balanced, and overall powerful sounding tube amps of the modern era. The now discontinued Coop begins with a traditional "American" dual 6L6 platform, with robust transformers and a signal path that harkens back to the Fender Bassman in overall tonal character.

The sonic range, versatility, and detail of the Coop's tone far outshines your typical Bassman, however, with three band EQ, and a Master Volume control. Crank that master and use it as an infinite headroom pedal platform, or roll it off and really push the preamp into lightly compressed pure tube saturation, with thick, chewy distortion characteristics. A tube driven spring Reverb also provides plenty of splash and depth! 

Plug this badass amp head into your favorite 4ohm speaker cabinet and shake the walls and piss off your neighbors. These amps have been discontinued, so don't miss your opportunity to snag one!

This thing is very lightly used, and works perfectly! We'll ship it to you packed nice and tight along with its IEC power cord. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!