Vox AC30HWH Handwired

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The 30-watt Vox AC30HWH handwired head transports you through the golden age of Vox tone. A retro oxblood grill cover and vintage fawn-colored vinyl give the AC30HWH classic style.

It's a traditional 2-channel design, with both a top boost channel that has a hot/cool switch and a normal channel that has a bright switch.

At its heart, the AC30HWH sports a painstakingly handwired turret board assembly containing three ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes, four EL84 power tubes, and a GZ34 rectifier tube which provide impeccable tone and extended dynamic range.

The AC30HWH's OP mode switch cuts the output power level in half, letting you get the classic tone you want at a lower level. 

Let me just tell ya this thing roars! It's about as classic as it gets. It's lightly used and very clean (though one of the vents on top is slightly damaged). 

Grab this classic tone machine and we'll ship out swiftly and securely the next day!