Vox AC30HW Limited Hand Wired Edition

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You know what this is. One of the most recorded, gigged, and coveted amps in history. The mighty AC30! 

Handbuilt and Handwired in the UK in 2003, this offering from VOX took a trek back in time to their early days of tag-strip layouts before PCBs helped with mass production. Super clean and ready the shred. Ok, for the uninitiated, here are the specs for this famous handwired combo!

  • Totally hand built chassis with tag terminal board construction
  • Custom hand wound transformers. North Coast Music supplied an origiinal 60's era AC-30 Woden output transformer to Vox to aid in the development of the tone critical output transformer
  • 30 Watts RMS (before distortion)
  • Two inputs - Hi and Low
  • Volume control plus highly interactive Treble and Bass controls
  • Signature VOX Tone Cut control which attenuates high frequencies in the power amp section
  • Tube driven Accutronics long tank spring Reverb with Level and Tone controls
  • Tube driven Tremolo circuit with variable Speed and Depth controls
  • Master Volume control that retains tone when attenuated

  • The pro techs here at EMS have gone over this amp to ensure everything is secure, tight, and sounding right! This dude is ready for stage or studio!

    This hand wired AC30 is ready to join your rig! It will ship swiftly and safely in it's beautiful road case with its effects footswitch (see pictured)! If you have any questions about this stunner give us a shout here at the shop!