Vox AC30CCH & V212BN Cabinet

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The classic chime and crunch you know and love in a badass head and cab configuration. Manufactured from 2005-2010, the AC30CCH was Vox's offering of their Custom Classic series amps in a head format. With its blendable channels, highly sculptable EQ, surfy verb, and iconic tremolo sound, this setup will do the thing and more. 

But let's not forget about the cab!

This snazzy V212BN cabinet is equipped with two 12" Vox speakers that were designed and built by England's oldest speaker maker, Wharfedale. This cab pushes out that sweet Vox midrange and looks damn good while doing it.

Shipping? That's gonna be a no from me dawg. But it isn't about time you make the trip to Nashville to see us?? Come by the shop and try this thing!

If you have any questions about this amp give us a call at the shop!