Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle 25-watt 1x10" Mini-stack

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Take some big ass Brit tone that bursts from the classic giant Vox stack...then shrink the stack but the keep the tone big. You'll come close to what the Mini Superbeetle is all about. Fueled by a NuTube-equipped analog preamp circuit, this 25-watt mini stack sports authentic Vox tones in a wee lil' package, laddie. 

Across the control panel you have Volume and Gain along with a 2-band EQ. And you can download the classic Vox 'verb and tremolo. The idea was simplicity and Vox nailed it. 

The Mini Superbeetle's matching open-back cabinet is loaded with a custom 10" Celestion speaker. You also get a speaker output that lets you pair it with extension cabs of all shapes and sizes. And to top it off, the Mini Superbeetle includes a headphone/line output for practice and recording.

This sweet mini rig is very clean and very classic. It is lightly used but not abused. It words perfectly and sounds amazing. 

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