VOX V125 Lead Head 1981

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Here's one of the more atypical offerings from Vox; a 125 watt all tube, all original head from 1981.

This 2 channel head, powered by 4 EL34 power tubes, was manufactured in the UK during the Rose Morris era, and delivers all the chime plus a bit more headroom than most of its cousins in the Vox lineup. This head features a 5-band EQ section, unlike what we're used to seeing on most Vox amps, so you can sculpt those British tones with even further precision. Plug this bad boy into a 4 or 8 ohm cab of your choosing, out of its respective speaker output, and you're ready to rip.

As with all amps in our shop, this one has been recently serviced (new power tubes, etc.) to ensure it arrives to you with a clean bill of health and is ready to rock and roll. Will ship safely packed with the attached 3 prong power cable the day after purchase. 

Please give us a call directly if you have any more specific questions about this amplifier!