Whitfill Custom Guitars Slimline T-Style

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Whitfill Custom Guitars are the real deal.

No "partscaster" BS here, these guitars are hand crafted with passion one by one. 

This T-Style is a fine example of these better built instruments and will be sure to make the pickiest of players drop their jaw. This Slimline is bad to the bone.

Proprietary hand-wound pickups and a nice smooth C shape neck make this guitar feel as good as it sounds. 

Weighing in at 6.75 lbs is always a plus! You'll barely know this thing is there.

This guitar has a vibe. The paint job is beautiful and the relic is rad, gorgeous checking! We've gone over this one with a fine tooth comb and it'll ship to you setup, with level frets and zero issues.

We'll have it out in it's hardshell case next day to your door!