Yahama BB300 1984

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Straight outta '84, this incredible bass has seen clubs, studios, stages, and rehearsal halls galore and it's still out here kicking out the mothafuckin' jams!

Finished in black, this BB300 features an alder body with a playable, comfortable maple neck that has a wide "D" profile (.899"-.932"). It sports a 10" rosewood fingerboard loaded up with a 1.70" nut. 

The controls on this bass keep it dead simple. The tone of this bass is great and straight to the point: one volume. one tone. Done. End of story. The P-Bass style pickup cranks out lowend that is articulate, warm, and punchy (11.05k).

This one has undergone some changes in its long career. In addition to loads of playwear (see pics), it has had the stock tuners swapped out for solid, stable Wilkinson tuners! There is playwear all over this bass. But for good reason: it's fun to play, hard to put down, and sounds killer!

It weighs in at 8.6 lbs! Still an ideal weight for those long sessions and sets!

The pro luthiers here at EMS have given this gal a full setup and it's ready for stage or studio.  It has been favored and used faithfully and still rips! Grab this for your next bass and keep its track record going! It will ship the next day with the included gig bag. 

If you have any questions about this bass or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop.