Yamaha SA-50 Cherry Red (Nippon Gakki) 1967-1972

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Produced from '67-'72, the SA-50 was at the cutting edge of Japanese craftsmanship  when it comes to semi-hollow guitars. The cherry red beauty has been loved and cherished over many years and is still here today, gettin' it done!

This highly sought after gem is crafted from toneful mahogany with a thin "C" profile mahogany neck (.820"-.924"). The neck has a slim feel and is very playable! It's overlaid with 10" radius rosewood fingerboard. 

It's loaded up with a duo of mini humbuckers (N: 18.79k, B: 18.73k). They have a fat warm sound but plenty of chime on the high end. They have a strong output. In front of a cranked amp, or overdrive pedal, you can get some incredible classic rock tones. 

The controls are simple: each pickup has an independent volume control; then there's a blender knob to blend between them and finally a 3-way pickup selector.

This brilliant guitar has a resonant tone that sounds amazing when played acoustically and plugged in, it has a full thick tone that makes ya say mmm-mmm-mmm! The pro techs here at EMS have gone through and given her a full setup and fresh strings so that it's ready for stage or studio. 

It ships the next day with the original Yamaha case!

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