Yesterday Effects Jimi/Jimmy

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The concept is simple, the Jimi/Jimmy will make you sound like Jimi (Hendrix) and the Jimi/Jimmy will make you sound like Jimmy (Page). That is to say that the Jimi/Jimmy is a Fuzz Face and a Tone Bender MKII in one enclosure. The story of the Fuzz Face is nothing without Jimi Hendrix, and likewise the story of the Tone Bender MKII is embellished by Jimmy Page’s use of the pedal.

Three controls rule over Jimi/Jimmy: volume, fuzz, and a rotary toggle. The Fuzz Face portion uses silicon BC108 transistors, a highly revered transistor choice for the Fuzz Face circuit. The Tone Bender portion introduces a USSR military issued germanium transistor based stage to the input of the circuit.

If you look at a schematic for a Tone Bender MKII and you compare that to a schematic for a Fuzz Face, you’ll notice that the Tone Bender is an extra transistor stage tacked onto the beginning of the Fuzz Face circuit. It’s two tonal legacies in one, and in this economy that’s a deal you don’t need to think twice about.

It’s YESTERDAY once more.

-Etched in-house PCB.
-silicon and germanium transistors.
-1590b enclosure.
-True bypass.
-Compatible with standard negative center 9v adapters. Run only at 9v.

Handmade with love in the USA using hand picked and hand matched components of exceptional quality.