Yesterday Effects White Pedal

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Though you may have never seen this pedal, you have likely heard the sound of this pedal!

This circuit is a must for Beatles and Vox fans alike. The White Pedal is based on Vox Conqueror amps which were introduced in 1967 and famously used during the recording sessions of the Beatles' seminal White Album. The amp of course found its way onto subsequent Beatles recordings of equal importance; the Rolling Stones and Spacemen 3 are also noted to have used Vox Conquerors.

The pedal has five controls: volume, gain, treble cut, bass cut, and a three position rotary on the side which selects a midrange frequency boost. This boost in midrange can be dialed in to be subtle or very focused, much like a parked wah sound. The White Pedal pedal proves to be great for guitar, bass, synths, electric pianos, and more; it truly is a versatile tool for shaping tone.

-Vox grade wah inductor.
-Etched in-house PCB.
-1590bbs enclosure.
-True bypass.
-Compatible with standard negative center 9v adapters. Run only at 9v.
-Reverse polarity protection.

Handmade with love in the USA using hand picked and hand matched components of exceptional quality.