Zoom 504 Acoustic Compact Multi Effects Processor

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The Zoom 504 Acoustic a multi-effects that'll give you a bevy of reverb and chorus tones to spice up your sound. But it's more than that. It also uses a unique AIR effect that imitates the sound as picked up by a microphone to give you studio-like tone and vibe with live sound. 

And it's not just for acoustic. You can plug it in your electric and it has an onboard acoustic simulator to give you the sound of an acoustic (we're all too busy to be switching guitars all the time...ain't nobody got time for dat). 

There's a Feedback suppressor which automatically detects and attenuates problem frequencies, two input jacks with different sensitivity to allow optimum matching to any type of guitar, and you can save and switch between 24 patches based on your needs. And just for funsies, there's a built-in tuner, because why not?

It uses standard 9V power (no power supply included).

This powerful little box is used and shows signs of love and use but it still works great. It will ship the next day!