Aclam Cinnamon Drive

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The Cinnamon Drive is a highly versatile dual overdrive pedal, featuring a combination of soft and hard clipping circuits. Starting from a clean preamp to a light overdrive, it leads into a highly saturated distortion to cover a wide range of tones. Easy to control and with internal fine-tuning controls for the most demanding players.

Capture the essence of the 60’s and 70’s tube amps when pushed to max volume like Clapton, Page or Hendrix did to get their distinctive sound. Play this boutique overdrive pedal and get the feel of your favorite vintage tube amp, highly dynamic and touch responsive.

Dual stage clipping circuits

The first stage of this boutique overdrive pedal uses a custom soft clipping circuit voiced to cover clean to mid-gain overdrive. The dual overdrive pedal second stage builds upon the first stage and stacks a hard-clipping circuit to add gain and tightness.

Both stages share the same passive tone control, retaining bottom end and mid-range while softening high frequencies. Highest headroom and dynamic range due to its power supply circuit to increase internal voltage.

True bypass relay switching

With this boutique overdrive pedal you’ll never get any signal interruption even if your power supply or battery fails. Intelligent true bypass relay switching system which constantly monitors voltage supply (both battery or DC Jack input) and switches itself to true bypass when it detects a drastic drop in voltage.

MINTY condish. Ships stupid fast with the box. Buy now. Shred later.