Aguilar Agro V2 Bass Overdrive

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Chock-full of everything from mild, tube-style distortion to wild, all-out grit-and-grind saturation, Aguilar's AGRO V2 is an effective solution for adding edge to a run-of-the-mill tone. Many conventional bass overdrive stompboxes are great at sounding aggressive, but some do so at the expense of low end. AGRO V2 compensates for that, keeping the bottom intact no matter how much grind you dial in. What's more, AGRO V2 retains its clarity — even at higher-gain settings — and its Presence control infuses your notes with ear-grabbing definition, ensuring that your attack isn't lost. Boasting a dramatically lighter housing than its predecessor, as well as a bold new look, AGRO V2 arms you with hyper-aggressive tone without sacrificing your low end.

This bass overdrive is lightly used will ship out safely and swiftly with its original box! Give us a shout at the shop if you have any questions about this pedal.