Aims Personalized Vocal Sound System 100 Watt Vintage Tube Amp PA Head 1972

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So many vintage vocal/PA amp heads make for great guitar amps, and the AIMS Vocal Sound System is one of the coolest! In fact this bad boy can handle guitar, bass, and synths swimmingly. 

These amps are absolute workhorses. This tone beast. is loaded up with 6550 tubes in the output section. Since it was originally meant as a PA, it was designed with maximum headroom (100 watts at 8 ohms) which makes it great to pump your bass or synth through. But six stringers are gonna love it for super loud cleans that you can pump your effects pedals through. Ho yeah!

If you've researched these heads at all you'll notice that this one has been jazzed up a bit, externally speaking. The sweet white tolex and brushed metal stenciled faceplate are both modifications that add a classy, timeless look to this amp. Pair this up with the brown leather handle and replacement knobs and this is a head that has a look like no other. There are light signs of love and use overall (see pics) but none of this detracts from the stunning aesthetics of this amp. 

The pro techs here at EMS have gone through this vintage monster to ensure everything is clean, tight, and sounding right! It will land in your hands ready for stage or studio. It will ship out swiftly and safely with the included slip cover.

If you have questions about this amp or any of our gear, feel free to give us a shout here at the shop.