Alesis RA-100 Reference Amp

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 Alesis has applied its expertise toward creating a sonically accurate, stable, and affordable stereo power amplifier that’s suitable for the digital age. Optimized for studio monitoring applications and moderate-power live performance setups, the amp’s main features include:

  • 100 watts per channel into 4Ω, 75 watts per channel into 8Ω
  • Dual clipping indicators alert you of any type of non-linear operation, not just clipping
  • Output short circuit protection to minimize down time and protect the amplifier’s circuitry
  • Massive, conservatively rated, custom-designed extruded heat sinks(individual for each channel) for cool operation
  • No ventilation fan is needed, allowing for quiet operation and reduced ambient noise in the studio
  • Extremely low noise and distortion; suitable for quiet applications such as recording studios, church installations, and museums

This unit shows some obvious signs of love and use but still works great. It'll ship out the next day.