Aluminati Guitars Orion Bass

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Aluminati ain't messing around. These aluminum neck guitars bring the thunder and have some serious snap. Monumental sustain compliments of the lucite body and hollowcore Aluminum neck.

While I find myself dialing in more Fugazi and Failure bass tones with this baby, it's surprisingly versatile and can get some motown thump when you roll the tone knob down and mute the strings. The Lollar pickups don't hurt either...

A big plus of these instruments being aluminum, with stainless steel frets is the amount of repair work you WON'T have to do. Aluminum acclimates to new temperatures very well and these instruments tend to lend you a "set it and forget it" instrument.

We're stoked to have one of the first 20 of the Orion Series in the shop and we know that whoever ends up with this piece will be super stoked. 


We will have this baby shipped safe and secure, ready to plug and play with it's included hardshell case, promptly upon payment.


Here's the nerdy deets for all you spec heads.

- Body material, 3D milled black Lucite for extended midrange response

- Neck, Polished hollowcore Andromeda neck with black locking tuners and black fret markers

- Nut, Polished bolt on brass nut for easy string gauge changes

- Pickups, Lollar jazz bass neck and bridge pickup

- Switching, Hand wired two volume and one tone Bourne pots

- Bridge, Hipshot

- Pickguard, Anodized aluminum for noise reduction - recessed back plates for clean look and feel

-Knobs, Anodized aluminum


-Weight 10lbs

-Hardshell locking Gator case included

- Lifetime warranty through Aluminati Guitars