Ampeg B-25 Bass/Guitar 55-Watt Amp 1976-1977

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A bass amp in guitar amp's clothing...or the other way around? "Why can't it be both" you say? Well today is your lucky day. The B-25 has been described as a half-power version of a V-4. For all intents and purposes, it's a big brother to the legendary B-15. 

This all-tube beast hails from the mid-70s and is loaded up with a pair of 7027A (very 6L6-like) power tubes and 12AX7's in the preamp section. This amp has a nice clear headroom (esp when compared to the B-15), with a warm, punchy, undeniably Ampeg tone. 

Along the front panel are a quad of inputs along with Vol, Treble, and Bass controls for each of the two channels. Each channel gets its own "Ultra Lo" and "Ultra Hi" rocker switch to further dial in your tone. It puts out 16 ohms, but switches to 8 ohm when the Ext speaker jack is used. 

It's had filter caps replaced over the years (as you'd expect), and the techs here at EMS replaced a broken Ch2 treble pot along with a missing speaker jack. And finally we gave it a fresh modern 3-prong cable. 

This amp sounds great and the techs have made sure it's ready to go for stage or studio! Grab it for your new rig and we will ship it out securely and safely. 

 If you have further questions about this amp or any of our gear, give us a call here at the shop!