Analogman ARDX20 Analog Delay + AMAZE1 Controller

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This is a truly lovely pedal! Sounds amazing, and of course it would... it's an Analogman!

This is a shop favorite for two reasons: great sounding all-analog delay sounds AND two separate presets! Have your long-tail huge delay and your short slapback right on the same pedal and NEVER have to reach down and change your settings between the two, just press a footswitch. 

It also has an insert so you can add anything you want to the repeats: chorus, modulation, reverb, or even some bit-crushing to get weird. 

Also included is the Analogman Amaze1 tap tempo and modulation controller. It has tap tempo with several types (dotted eight notes, etc), modulations with speed and type, and 8 banks of preset delay times with programmable modulation on each.

Both of these pedals are super clean, lightly used and function perfectly. The Amaze 1 will include its original box. We'll ship them out swiftly the next day.