Analogman King of Tone V4

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If you know, you know. This legendary pedal is highly sought after, with plenty of good reason. 

Analog Man, in collaboration with Jim Weider, have materialized the pedal we have been looking for for many years - the King Of Tone (KoT). There are many overdrive pedals on the market, but none of them have been quite right, preserving the tone of the guitar and adding the right amount of overdrive without compromise. There are some good clean boosts available, but they just don't have enough drive to really give your amp the distortion you often want. There are some newer OD pedals that have a great frequency response, but to some they sound too DRY, a bit sterile and cardboardy. There are also some nice sounding pedals available but their sound is too "saturated", losing the touch and feel of your guitar. That is where the King Of Tone pedal comes in - it has enough warm overdrive but still preserves the tones of your quality guitars and amps. 

This pedal is in very good condition and will ship safely and swiftly in its original box (with box goodies)!