Apogee Duet 3 USB Audio Interface

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A premium interface to get your music recorded and get it out to the peoples!

The Apogee Duet 3 is a 2-in/4-out desktop or on-the-go audio interface. Part of what makes the Duet a perfect portable interface is its proprietary breakout cable design. This thing is the secret sauce! It’s essentially an audio snake containing all of the interface’s I/O in a single connection: 2 XLR inputs going to Apogee’s industry-leading preamps, 2 1/4″ inputs, and 2 1/4″ monitor outputs.

The Duet 3 is loaded up with a world class preamp. With up to 65dB of gain on tap and 48v phantom power, you can cleanly and precisely capture any audio source with even the most demanding microphones. Meticulous Apogee engineering, keeps noise and distortion down, even as you crank up the gain.

Duet gives you on-board hardware DSP for FX processing with the Symphony ECS Channel Strip to precisely shape your tone on input and give you great sounding tracks, all while eliminating annoying latency that can occur while recording.

This next level interface is lightly used and works great. It ships with the included case and breakout cable. 

Grab this for your new recording rig and we will ship the next day.