Asheville Music Tools AFG-1 Analog Flanger

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The Asheville Music Tools Analoger Series AFG-1 Flanger is a SO SICK.

A self-described "whooshless resonant comb modulator." What's that mean? Well....a lot...

This pedal features a reissue Bucket Brigade Delay line to deliver classic Flanger and Chorus sounds with the most natural modulation possible. The synthesizer-inspired control voltage topology provides an extended range of functionality and precision not available in most flangers. The AFG-1 draws upon renowned analog designer Hawker’s decades of experience creating modulation and delay-based effects. We hope you enjoy many years of use from your AFG-1 and find it as inspiring and fun as we have.

The AFG-1 is a 100% analog effect, built with over 380 high-quality components to combine vintage audio processing techniques with advanced, high-tech, electronics. At its core is a high headroom, 256 stage, MN3009 Bucket Brigade Device. True sine-wave exponential modulation and a selectable response dynamic envelope detector modulate its VCO based delay clock. It contains tightly tuned, discrete, high-order filters and a compandor with emphasis/de-emphasis to keep the noise floor low while imparting an animated feel.

The VCA-based feedback control offers warm regeneration tone and a controlled method of dialing in deeply notched comb filter effects. A JFET input stage and input preamplifier optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio and allows for tone shaping and harmonics enhancing overload at higher settings.

This may or may not make sense to you, but trust us when we say that this pedal absolutely rules. 

And just for YOU we will ship it fast and free, cause that's how we be.