Avedissian Pickups Railspliiter Humbucker Set

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Alex Avedissian has been climbing the proverbial pickup mountain for years, and his expertise is showing. 

Handwound with careful consideration of magnet choice, wire gauge and so on. His pickups are used all of the world on the biggest stages by some real heavy hitters. 

The Railsplitter was designed for power, cut, and articulation, and handwound to crush!

The Railsplitter was developed to cure the mud and mush of many high output pickups. Utilizing multiple ceramic 8 bar magnets combined with a special wind, the Railsplitter delivers crushing, organic tone that emphasizes and projects the nuances of your playing, allowing the natural tone of your guitar to accurately shine through. The Railsplitter delivers huge lows, cutting mids, and a smooth top end.

Bridge is 15.8k, Neck is 10.7k

This badass set of buckers will be shipped stupid fast upon payment!