Bad Cat Unleash Amplifier and Attenuator v1

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The Unleash is a box o' magic that makes your amp pump out just the output you need.

Take your barely-a-whisper bedroom amp to a roaring beast suited to clubs and live venues with the Bad Cat Unleash amplifier and attenuator. Read that again: amplifier...and attenuator. 

With up to 100W of available power, you can take even the lowest-wattage amps up to ear-splitting decibel levels. The Unleash is capable of both simply boosting an amp OR attenuating your amplifier, keeping your tone in tact while still rolling up that volume to whatever levels you want. And with the ability to insert effects via the Unleash's effects loop, you've got all the tools you need to expand your small-wattage amp's power.

This powerful box is lightly used and works great. It ships the next day with an IEC power cable and manual. 

If you have questions about this unit or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop.