Bearfoot FX Model H (4 Knob) Overdrive/Distortion

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Think of the Model H as a  pissed off HiWatt in a pedal that's had enough shitty tones and is here to kick some ass. Clear yet gain-heavy, the Model H lets you dial in huge tones. An expansion on the 2-knobber, the 4-Knob Model H adds a Treble control that allows the Model H to be tuned to a wider range of rigs. The Treble control starts a little darker than the standard H and allows ample treble/upper mid adjustment. The Tone and Treble controls affect different parts of the circuit and combine to let you get the exact impact and definition you need for your rig.

This sweet pedal has seen some action and has the battle scars to prove it. And it still keeps coming back. It works great and is ready to ship the next day.