Black Lion Audio Modded Digidesign 002

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This is a killer piece of kit, and since this unit was modded, why not hear the explanation straight from the horse's mouth? Here's what the folks at Black Lion Audio have to say about their Digidesign 002 mod:


The analog section of the circuitry is the path that the signal travels through before and after the converter stages. This includes the mic preamps, line inputs, headphone output, and line outputs. Improving the performance of these circuits improves sound quality by reducing noise and improving transient response (the audio sounds more detailed). We’re fans of Burr Brown’s OPA4134, and we substitute those for the TL074 op-amps used in the mic preamp and line inputs. We’re able to reduce analog stage noise created by the 002R’s phantom power circuitry as well as reducing the RF noise created by the stock switching power supply. These modifications result in a cleaner signal, with much more high end definition.


Basically, the master clock generates the signal that tells the converter when to trigger. The more accurate the clock signal, the more ‘realistic’ or ‘defined’ the converted audio signal will be. We install a high quality master clock to improve overall system response. This is a benefit that you can hear with your ears because a very accurate clock will create a very defined audio image with precise instrument placement. In spite of the fact that we’re working in the digital realm, the clock is an analog signal: it’s a square wave, and square waves have quite a few harmonics. Ideally, all of these harmonics should be mathematically related to each other (exponents of the fundamental). If the clock has harmonics that are not mathematically related, these harmonics will create an undesirable interference during conversion. Often, this undesirable interference will be heard as distortion components in the high and low frequencies of the audio signal. It will create phase cancellations during conversion, causing the audio to take on a limp quality, with an apparent loss of volume.

Our internal clock is incredibly accurate and very low in unwanted harmonics; delta sigma averaging methods place the amount of unwanted signal content at less than 10 picoseconds. The improved clock we install will give you improved signal clarity, fuller harmonic extension of the instrument you are tracking, an apparent increase in volume over the stock design (because of lower phase cancellations), and pinpoint image placement during mix-down. This upgrade alone brings the stock rack to a level of performance that rivals or exceeds digital audio systems costing thousands more.


The Signature Series clock takes our standard clock upgrade to an entirely new dimension. Our new internal master clock is, hands down, the most advanced master clock in pro audio today.  So not only do you get all of the benefits of pinpoint imaging, signal clarity, and harmonic extension, but you also get something unusual for digital audio: a beefy, yet nuanced quality. Your audio will be thick, rich and highly detailed with this breakthrough master clock upgrade. Not only does it feature our field tested and proven third order crystal oscillators, it has an astonishingly low 1 picosecond of intrinsic jitter measured using a delta sigma average! Our proprietary noise suppression technology reduces RF and switching noise to a bare minimum, ensuring smooth high frequency response in the audio band. Dual high current signal driver stages are used to deliver the clock signal into galvanic-isolated 75 ohm terminations, drastically limiting transmission line reflections normally found in multi-channel digital systems. What does all of this mean? Digital audio so articulated, fat and rich it has to be heard to be believed. In a word, it sounds “expensive.”


The A/D and D/A circuitry configuration on stock 002R units generates excessive distortion and phase cancellation during the conversion process. Converters generate a LOT of noise when they do their work, and are very sensitive to their power sources. The reason noise is created is that they have to move a lot of current, and lots of current movement means lots of electrons moving. When those electrons move, they generate a sort of “mechanical” noise. This ‘mechanical’ noise actually creates harmonics that travel within the power supply and digital signal path, and these harmonics have all sorts of adverse effects. One thing that they do is reduce the amount of bit-depth that the converter is capable of achieving in its real-world performance. In its stock form, the 002R’s converters are very poorly decoupled using low-grade ceramic capacitors. Instead of actually removing noise, they create resonant harmonics and make the problem worse. By properly “decoupling,” we help remove or reduce this noise and its resulting aftereffects, leaving you with clear, crisp audio.


By using a low-emission toroid transformer to power the analog and digital stages separately, we improve the overall character of your sound dramatically. This upgrade completely eliminates the power supply as a source of crosstalk between the analog and digital circuitry. And if that were not enough, check this out: You know how a tube guitar amp sounds ‘bigger’ than a solid state guitar amp? There’s one reason for that: headroom. This upgrade process increases the analog stage headroom, giving your audio more definition, more “heft,” and much more “presence.”


This unit is lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!