Bogen Model J330 Projector Guitar Amp

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A truly unique piece. This is an amazing vintage projector amp that has been repurposed into a killer guitar amp that utterly rips. It has been modded with a few features to make it more usable to the modern guitarist including an extra long 3-prong plug, a standard input jack on the front panel, and variable impedance with a switch on the back that takes you from 4, to 8, or to 16 ohms depending on the cab you're using. 

It was originally a two channel amp but has been modified so that the two channels cascade into each other to achieve a rich, warm tone and loads of volume! Controls on the front panel include Bass, Treble (which also acts as the on/off switch), and two volume controls via the Mic 1 and Mic 2 knobs that allow you to blend the two channels within this amp. All other front panel controls have been disabled. 

It has a very warm, dark tone over all. Perfect if you have overly bright pickups or just need a deeper, richer tone. Once you crank it up (if you dare) a tweed-like overdrive comes into play while maintaining the overall warmth.

This a perfect amp for guitar, harp, you name it. It is in amazing shape and sounds incredible. The pro techs here at EMS have gone through this amp and given her a good cleaning and insured everything functions perfectly.