Bogner Custom Shop Goldfinger 45 w/matching 2x12 Cab

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What a rad amp! This Goldfinger 45 has got all that and then some. This amp is a dang workhorse. It really does it all. One of the most loaded amps we've had come through the shop and it's features are very impressive. 

Let's get the basics out of the way. 

45 watts with power scaling ability all the way down to 9 watts

2 Channels, built in boost or PRE-FX Loop that is footswitchable per channel.

Tube buffered post-FX loop that is also footswitchable.

Spring reverb? Yep. Guess's on the footswitch. 

A quad of 6V6s acts as the power but holy crap this thing is a chameleon. You can really get some gnarly tones. Tweed, Marshall, Sparkly Fender cleans, it can do it all. 

The 2 x 12" open-back cabinet gives you the portability of a quality 2 x 12" cab with volume and punch that rivals that of a larger 4 x 12" model. The Goldfinger 2 x 12"' open-back cab's pair of Celestion speakers provide rich, responsive, and clear tone. It's a great cab for guitarists who want big sound without the size or weight. This cab's multiple birch cabinet construction adds to its tone while making it tough enough for the road. You also get quality Tolex covering and attractive grille cloth material. 

This amplifier lived its live in a studio and is SUPER freaking clean.