Tony Bruno Custom Speaker Cabinet 2x12 Tone Tubby Purple Haze Speakers

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Tony Bruno Custom Speaker Cabinets are incredible sounding because they are individually designed and constructed to match the exact speakers it's loaded up with. 

Tony's standard half open back cabinets are constructed of select solid pine for it's sweet tone and a 13 ply Baltic Birch baffle. Half open back cabinets have a sweeter, airier, more 3D quality to the tone than closed back designs.

This cab is loaded up with Tone Tubby Purple Haze 12" speakers! he Purple Haze is an ideal speaker for players who want every aspect of their playing style and technique to come through the speaker, from the most subtle variations of pick and finger attack to full bore singing sustain. It combines the clarity and definition of the classic guitar and instrument speaker with the sweetness of an alnico magnet design without a trace of harshness that is present with metal-dome speakers.

This 4 ohm cab is used and shows light signs of use and love (see pics). But it still is in excellent condition and works great. 

If you have any questions about this cab or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!