Carr Artemus 1x2 with Road Case

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American tone meets British. This perfectly sums up the Carr Artemus. Steve Carr started with a classic AC-flavored Brit circuit and sprinkled in some American BF mojo to make this one of the most well-rounded, versatile, and rich sounding amps available. 

This thing totally rips. One big chord strum will prove it. Its EL84 power section is accompanied by two 12AX7 tubes in preamp, a 5AR4 rectifier, and an Eminence speaker. It's top-mounted controls include 15/30 Watt switch, Edge (bright and upper-mid boost), Mid (midrange),and switches for Standby and On/Off. A bias pot is mounted to the underside of the chassis. The Artemus is hand-wired, and its cabinet is pine finished in black Tolex.

This amp has been truly babied and protected, spending its time in a solid road case (included). It sounds amazing and operates perfectly. It'll be ready for stage or studio the moment it arrives in your hands. It'll ship out lightning fast and you'll be well on your way to Tone Town.