Carr Amplifiers Rambler 1x12

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The Rambler is one of the earliest designs from Carr, and is still one of their most popular amps, The Rambler gives that unmistakable American "Deluxe" sound, but with an amazing amount of clean headroom (which makes pedal folks like us very stoked), tighter bass response, and the ability to switch between 28 watts pentode and 14 watts triode. Here's what that means is pentode sounds loud and punchy with great headroom while Triode is more vintage and warm with very thick midrange. The Pentode mode is the Rambler's full power setting, producing 28 watts. The Triode mode makes 14 watts.

Add in some lush reverb and tremolo and the Rambler is a combo that's perfect for any club stage or studio. This one is lightly used and still very clean. It works great and sounds amazing. It will ship swiftly and safely with the included slip cover!