Carvin X100B 100-watt Amp Head

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Here we have a total tone beast from the 80s! Loaded up with a quad of 6L6 tubes this 100W wonder has its celebrated clean tone that makes it a perfect pedal platform (which we love!). But if you've never given the overdrive on these bad boys a chance, it's time to give it a listen. It has a breakup that's perfect for classic rock and blues. And it even has a switchable hi gain setting if you wanna get some shreddin' done. 

It is loaded up with serious tone shaping: everything from a five band graphic EQ and Treble, Mid, Bass and Presence controls. Reverb currently disconnected and there is no tank mounted.

The rear panel reveals a variable level effects loop, the ability to run at various power levels (to accommodate different venues). It also has preset bias settings for different power amp tubes. Damn that's smart.

This amp is in very good shape considering it's age. It's missing the Carvin badge (but come on, we all know what this is). It shows light signs of love and use but still works great. It will ship out, securely packed and lightning fast.