Collector Effectors Song Machine -System Tuned- Premium Production #3

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Made to order. Completely custom. Handwired. Point-to-Point. These are rare and worth every penny. Patrick Brown of Collector Effectors (Greensboro, North Carolina) builds his fuzzes loaded with gorgeous old parts, all neatly laid...I'm talkin' seriously clean work!

The Song Machine is his take on the Sola Mk.1 with some fun tweaks for added range and flexibility. It features an input gain switch that allows for a thin, stringy, nasty sound, a stock mk.1 fat sound, and a tighter mk.1 setting that works great with humbuckers and P90's without being too compressed.

This particular one is tuned for the "System" style range which allows players to drop the voltage all the way down below a volt, and induce some extreme gating.

This brilliant fuzz is gatey and spitty and delicious! It's very lightly used, and clean as hell. We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe in its original box! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!