Cornerstone Music Gear Antique Classic Drive

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The Antique is Cornerstone's take on the classic sounds which are associated with the Tube Screamer.

Don’t worry, the Antique is not a clone, but while it definitely belongs to the Screamer-like family of overdrives, and has a well-defined tone.

The Gain and Volume controls are pretty much self-explanatory, but the Antique brings in some controls that give the Antique the extra magic

The TONE control: manages the low-mid frequency content.
The PRESENCE control: shapes the hi-mids and high-end content.
MIDS (cut) toggle switch: it manages the overall mids content, in UP position is the classic TS mids, in DOWN position mids are cut.

These three controls together allow you to discover a whole new different sounds and colors.

Finally, the COMP switch is managing the overall dynamic response of the pedal.