Custom Tones Ethos Overdrive

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Inspired by one of the most sought after boutique amps of al time, the Ethos Overdrive is more than just your average overdrive. Ethos adds two channels of drive to your signal alogn with an integrated boost. Three bands of EQ and a presence control on each channel add to the variability of tone, along with the traditional Brite/Normal, Modern/Classic, Rock/Jazz that you find on the D-style amplifiers. The various combinations of switches and EQs offer limitless tweaking. 

The Ethos can be used as a preamp for any power-amp, speaker combination. In addition to the choice of output in this application (Speaker Simulator vs. Normal Out), there is also a Guitar Amp Compensation switch along with an overall high-cut control. These give you the ability to add more warmth to your signal to further tailor your sound to match the system you're playing through, whether tube or solid state.

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