Dean Bowtie Budweiser Promo Guitar 1980s

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Your bar gigs will never be the same. 

This badass bowtie will surely garner a successful "Hollerrr and swalllleerrr!" from the crowd of intoxicated country folk.

Built by dean as promotional guitars, these things didn't really play very well from the factory, but you know we went ahead and did all the work to make sure you can shred Chattahoochie without ever worrying about a dead note on the fretboard. 

Weighing it at just over 6 lbs and loaded with a nice fat sounding humbucker. We'll deliver this freshly setup baby in a lifted Chevy after we get back from the lake... Well...not really, we'll probably just pack it up all nicely and have UPS safely deliver it like we normally do.