Diaz Texas Tremodillo

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What many consider the finest tremolo pedal circuit of all time. Cesar Diaz was a guitar amplifier technician and guitarist who worked with a number of high-profile musicians (e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Neil Young...ever heard of them?).

His classic solid-state tremolo pedal has been credited on tons of iconic recordings, and is highly sought-after by vintage gear heads. Its controls are fairly self-explanatory, the "rate" knob controls the speed of the trem and "dwell" controls the depth of the waveform, while the "speed" footswitch allows the user to double the set trem rate.

This rare gem has signs of use, but still functions as well as it did the day it left Diaz's work bench. We'll ship it to you lightning fast in its original box.