Dr. Z DB4 1x12 Combo

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The DB4 is a badass boutique combo that came about when Dr. Z and Brad Paisley put their proverbial heads together. Like most all other Dr. Z amps before it, the DB4 is an all original design with it's own voice, not at all a clone or knock off of something else. It's got some unique controls that aren't just the same ol' BS. Instead of the standard Tone Control, an impressive Rotary Frequency Filter provides you with a wide range of available tones. This control selects between a more jangly brilliance to deep, dark and thick resonant tones and everything in between. I dare you to find a bad tone on this thing. Also across the front panel you get Hi and Lo inputs (Hi is for normal use. LO has 3 dB less gain), Volume for setting overall gain (set over halfway for overdriven sounds. Set below halfway for cleaner sounds). Finally the Cut controls overall tone/presence of the amp. Turn this guy clockwise and it's full-on chime time. 

Swing 'round to the back panel and there's a half power switch taking the 38 watt output down to 18 watts, which is perfect for switching between multiple gigging environments. There's also speaker inputs for 4, 8, and 16 ohm. 

This amp is loaded up with 12" Scumback BM75 speaker. It's tone and sound is a recreation of the G12M mid 70's era "Blackback" that was used in Marshall stacks and combos, and many other British amps of the era (Vox, Orange, Sound City, etc). It works great in this amp and sounds freakin' sick!

This DB4 is super clean and functions great. These rare amps are no longer in production. One of the best amps that the good Dr. ever cranked out. It has been tested and properly cranked by the techs here at EMS and it's ready for stage or studio. It ships out swiftly and safely upon payment. 

Feel free to give us a shout here at the shop with any questions.