Dr. Z Prescription Extra Strength 45-watt Head

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This lightly used (see photos) Prescription Extra Strength has come into our world, and we'd like to give you the introduction it deserves. Although, it's best suited to just plug it in and see for yourself...

Dr. Z says claims the original Prescription was "always a controversial amp design with its highly percussive response, “in your face” drive, immediate attack, and high level of pinch note harmonics." Although we're pretty fond of that amp too..

But this amp came out of collaboration between master Tele player Brad Paisley, and master amp builder Mike Zaite. The new “RX ES” is completely revised from the input jacks to the output jacks and shares no circuits with old RX.

"The RX ES design structure is unique for a Z Amp as it uses an EF -86 pentode set up in a post EQ gain layout. This alignment yields a rich harmonic complexity and an almost active response from the tone stack. The RX’s dual calibrated inputs allow for sustaining gain in the Hi input, and a rich warm clean in the Lo input jack. The RX ES also features a footswitchable “Overdose” mode, which engages a 3 dB boost for added drive and gain without altering the preset tone, same EQ’d tone just much more DRIVE."

Basically what that boils down to is nice rich harmonic saturation with a killer EQ section to boot. We love the footswitchable boost and think you will too.

We've just given this baby a clean bill of health and she's ready to shred till yer dead.

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