Drybell Vibe Machine V2 w/ F1L footswitch

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When you switch the Vibe Machine V-2 on, your guitar melts into a swirling three dimensional space inhabited by chewy vibe harmonics and textures. It’s all here from shimmering liquid trebles to throbbing pulse-like waves of bass; a sonic force of beauty that tears down the walls around you!

This killer vibe pedal also comes with the matching external footswitch designed for multiple purposes: Tap Tempo, Leslie FAST/SLOW mode, Two Speed mode, or to engage the Cancel function. It is a simple latching footswitch wired tip to sleeve. Naturally, it can also be used with any other pedal which uses a footswitch option.

This pedal and its counterpart are very lightly used, and we'll ship them to you super fast in their original boxes! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this listing!