Echopark Vibramatic 4TSA

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Standing at nearly 4 feet, this Vibramatic is lean, clean and classy. 

When guys like QOTSA, Joe Perry, Dean Fertita and Blackberry Smoke are playing the same rig you know you're on to some truly special tone. Whether you're looking for stoner grit or glassy chimes, this amp really is a stack-of-all-trades. 

This bad boy is a Class AB Push-Pull amp head that features two channels (Hi/Lo) with harmonic vibrato and 3-band EQ. All that boutique tone comes via solid state rectification, a pair of 6V6's & 12AX7's.

Across the back panel you get a 4, 8, or 16 ohm selection and multiple speaker inputs.

All that tone is pushed through that hefty 55lb cabinet loaded with a unique combination of one 12" and two 10" Echopark speakers. All said and done you're lookin' at 18w clean and 23w pushed. 

Additionally this particular Vibramatic 4TSA features a 

Voice switch (JMP to Blackface) mod job giving you that much more tone versatility. 

This tall drink of water has been very lightly used, and it is super clean!

Shipping? No, this big boy would rather walk home. If you're thirsty for this fat stack, you're gonna have to make the road trip to Nashville to see us! Come on through! 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!