Eden Time Traveler WT-300 & D410XLT Cab 1998

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This is a sweet lowend rig from David Eden, one of the best builders of boutique quality bass rigs. This thing does not suck. Holy cow.  The Time Traveler has an overall warm studio-grade sound. It packs in 300 Watts of damn good bass tone. 

The head is light and compact at around 13 lbs, Across the front you'll find the basic controls for Master, Gain, Enhance Controls and then an EQ section that...let's just say I dare you to find an amp with a more expansive tone shaping capability. Find just the right frequencies you need to squash or highlight. There's no excuse for not getting your perfect sound here. Across the back panel you get your speaker outputs plus DI out with Level, an effects loop, and even a daggum tuner out. 

The powerful 4x10 keeps the rumble goin' and sounds huge for its size. 

This rig shows signs of love and use typical for its age, but still works and sounds amazeballs! It's ready for stage or studio!

Feel free to give us a shout here at the shop if you have more questions.