Elektron Digitakt Eight-Voice Digital Drum Machine and Sampler

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Capture and manipulate fragments of time courtesy of a dynamic feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine. Digitakt is a powerhouse eight voice digital drum machine and sampler that breaks your creative boundaries wide open and sets the stage for a striking encounter.

Digitakt is a compact sampling drum machine that is capable of summoning monstrous beats or conjuring delicately layered samplescapes, before setting you up to unleash your creation using Elektron’s live-friendly sequencer. Drum machines are something of an Elektron speciality, but this is only half of Digitakt’s story. Watch it weave a spectrum of meticulously crafted sounds into any tale. Let the machine do the talking, and see where the story leads.


  • 8 internal audio tracks
  • 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
  • 1 × Multimode filter per audio track
  • 1 × Band-width filter per audio track
  • 2 × Assignable LFOs per track
  • 1 × Overdrive effect per audio track
  • 1 × Amp envelope per audio track
  • Saturator Delay send effect
  • Supervoid Reverb send effect
  • Stereo compressor master effect
  • Sampling capability
  • 64 MB sample memory
  • 1 GB +Drive storage
  • 1 × Headphones output
  • 2 × ¼” balanced main output
  • 2 × ¼” input
  • 1 × Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN sync out

This sweet unit is very gently used and it'll ship safely and swiftly in its original box with the power supply!