E-mu ESI-32 Sampler

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A go-to for the likes of used by Daft Punk, Ixy InDaMix, and Somatic Responses, the uber powerful ESI-32 gives you all of the same sampler features and goodies that you would find in other Akai and Roland samplers. It's loaded down with features like 32 voices polyphony, 16 MIDI multitimbral parts, built-in 3.5" disk drive, extensive editing features and an easy to use interface. Sampling can be in any combination of Left, Right or Stereo in, at 44,100 or 22,050 Hz. Auto looping, truncating, triggered sampling and auto key placement functions make sampling fun and easy. 

You can easily do editing functions like truncating, loop editing, gain, reverse, taper, DC filter, stereo/mono, tuning, compressing, Para-EQ, time comp/exp, pitch shift, Doppler, exciter and transform multiply (harmonic sample morphing) as well as a host of envelope, filter, velocity and MIDI effects. This studio gem is a next-level tool for production of all genres and a must-have for the electronic music aficionados among us. 

This unit is lightly used which only minor dings around the rack ears, but otherwise is SO clean. It will ship with the five SD cards and external SCSI pictured. Everything on this functions great and it makes a rad addition to any studio rig. We ship out super fast, the next day.